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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Yom Kippur Imams

A little history lesson

In early 1973, Egypt held large and provocative maneuvers near the Israeli defense lines in the Sinai peninsula. These were sufficiently threatening that Israel partially mobilized its reserves. But this was a false alarm; no attack was coming that spring. A few months later, Egypt did the same thing. By the time Yom Kippur was near, the Israelis had grown complacent about large Egyptian forces near its lines. And it was exactly then that the large Egyptian maneuvers turned out to be a real attack. All of the previous feints had set the stage for the strategic surprise that Egypt achieved at the start of the Yom Kippur war.

I was reminded of Egypt's successful deception when I read this editorial from Investor's Business Daily:

The police report detailing the US Airways flap gives us serious pause. The imams acted more like provocateurs than victims. At the gate before boarding, they angrily cursed the U.S. Then they bowed to Mecca and prayed "very loud," chanting "Allah, Allah, Allah," according to the gate agent and another witness.

On the plane, they didn't take their assigned seats and instead fanned out to the front, middle and rear of the plane. One even "pretended to be blind" to gain access to another passenger's seat, according to a flight attendant.

Some ran back and forth speaking to each other in Arabic. Adding to suspicions, most of them asked for seat belt extensions even though they didn't need them — or even use them.

Shahin himself has ties to terrorism. He served (unknowingly, he now says) as an agent and fundraiser for a Hamas front. He ran a mosque in Tucson, Ariz., attended by several al-Qaida operatives including the hijacker who flew the plane into the Pentagon. And he now runs an imam federation that counts an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing among its trustees.

Shahin also teaches at an Islamic school fully accredited by an Egyptian university tied to the dangerous Muslim Brotherhood. The school's founder preaches sharia law. One of the imams kicked off the US Airways flight, an Egyptian native, praised sharia law, according to a passenger who sat next to him.

The actions of these imams have the same goal as Egypt's feints back in 1973. They want to raise a furor, only to have it die away. And raise another furor that turns out to be nothing, and then another. They want us to become complacent about Muslims doing outrageous things on flights, or at least to become so timid about being labeled bigots that we don't dare question them.

There are many many ways to participate in the global jihad, and these imams have found one of them.


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