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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Jailhouse Jihad

Palestinian terrorist Ahmed Saadat was in a Jericho prison until yesterday. He is believed to be the mastermind of the 2001 assassination of Rehavam Zeevi, Israel's Minister of Tourism.

I use the term "prison" extremely loosely. It seems that he had several TVs and telephones in his "cell". And a kitchen. And a reception area for visitors. There were also three British monitors at the prison, but they set up their command post on the roof, because it was too dangerous for them to be inside.

None of this was good enough for the Palestinians. The new Hamas government threatened to let Saadat go. That shows the main difference between Hamas and Fateh. Both are terrorist groups bent on destroying Israel, but Fateh was willing to dissemble, to pretend to negotiate, to "arrest" known terrorists. Hamas is more honest; it wears its genocidal hatred on its sleeve.

So the Israelis raided the prison, capturing Saadat. (The British monitors had left minutes earlier.) So let's check on the world reaction to the raid.

There's been no outrage over the phony detention of a terrorist, or the fact that he was probably being allowed to plan more attacks from his "cell". No hint of criticism for the intimidation of the monitors, or for Hamas's threat to release the terrorist.

But the world is pissed that the Israelis wouldn't just let the terrorist walk free.

The Palestinian President called the raid "an ugly crime which cannot be forgiven".

In the West Bank and Gaza strip, Palestinians went on the usual rampages.

Islamic Foreign Ministers called the raid an act of terrorism.

Several members of the EU parliament condemned the attack, on the grounds that this capture of a terrorist would be a blow to the peace process. Some peace process.


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