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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Month of Jihad

This post is a daily chronicle of jihad for the month of February, 2006. Too many Westerners focus just on Islam's violent campaign in Iraq, and of course they blame even that on the United States. I want this to serve as a reminder that radical Islam is at war with all infidels, that the war is worldwide, and that the attacks happen just about every day. To that end, I will collect daily news about Islam's war - everywhere except Iraq.

February 1
Israel: Six Kassam rockets were launch toward Israel from the Gaza strip. They damaged several cars.

A border policeman was seriously wounded and Islamic Jihad fugitives killed on Tuesday afternoon in a gun battle that erupted in Arabe south of Jenin. Members of the border police's elite anti-terror unit were carrying out an operation to nab fugitives planning suicide bomb attacks in Israel.

Lebanon: Lebanese Police have uncovered attempts by al Qaeda to move into Lebanon. Several terror recruits were arrested, and admitted that they were planning attacks on Lebanese infrastructure.

Iran: In the ongoing furor over Danish cartoons, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday that the Muslim nations will deal heavy blow to those who ventured into blaspheming Prophet Mohammad. The article notes that under Islamic law, the penalty for blaspheming the Pedophilic Prophet is death.


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