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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's not a scandal if the New York Times doesn't know about it

Mark Steyn has an update on the oil-for-food scandal. Along the way, he repeats some old news that I had missed:

The actual head of the Oil-for-Food racket, Kofi sidekick Benon Sevan, has resigned, having hitherto insisted that a mysterious six-figure sum in his bank account was a gift from his elderly aunt, a lady of modest means who lived in a two-room flat back in Cyprus. Paul Volcker’s investigators had planned to confirm with auntie her nephew’s version of events, but unfortunately she fell down an elevator shaft and died. It now seems likely that the windfall had less to do with Mr Sevan’s late aunt and more to do with his soliciting of oil allocations for another company.

Now maybe, just maybe, Auntie's death was an unfortunate accident. But imagine a slightly different "unfortunate accident". Suppose that Ken Lay claimed that some of Enron's books were kept by his aunt, who just happened to have mysteriously died recently. How long would that story be screaming front page headlines for the New York Times? A month? Three months?

By way of comparison, I went to the Times archives and searched for +sevan +aunt +elevator.

Zero hits. You lazy, biased, leftwing hacks.


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